Making Teenage Disciples Who Make A Difference

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Compassion Int'l

Maverick Omar
        Castillo Vasquez

Let me introduce you to a
very special boy from the
country of Nicaragua.  Maverick
loves the Lord, loves to play
soccer, loves to learn and loves
to draw.  It is our desire as
a Youth Ministry to impact the
lives of people all around the
world, and Compassion
International gives us the
chance to do that!  To find out
how you too can impact the
life of someone else in the 
world, visit the


Welcome everyone

Mt. Pleasant Youth Ministries

Thank you for your interest in the Mt. Pleasant Youth Ministry.  I trust that you will find this web site very helpful and beneficial in better understanding what our Youth Ministry is all about and the incredible things that we have going on.hands.jpg

We want to do all we can to make 
teenage disciples who make a 
difference for Jesus Christ
.  We 
truly believe that every student 
has the capability and the 
potential to do great things for 
the Lord.  Therefore, we want 
to help them to . . .

We want everyone to come to a clear understanding of the truth of Jesus Christ and experience for themselves a personal and intimate relationship with the Savior of the world.

For more information on the Mt. Pleasant Youth Ministry, please email Bobby Culler (Youth Pastor) at bobbyc@mtp-church.org.


2018 Ministry Verse

Mark 9: 15 . . . "As soon as all the people saw Jesus, they were overwhelmed with wonder and ran to greet him."

THEME for the year


The theme for the 2018-19 school year is . . .
"Come to The EDGE"
A place of Wonder, Anticipation and Decision

We invite everyone to come to The EDGE and 
find out for themselves the truth of Jesus Christ,
and decide for themselves if a relationship with
the Lord is everything we claim it to be!!

Cool Things
Laser Tag '18 -

October 13 . . . MIDDLE SCHOOL
ONLY . . . it's a night spent at the
Sports Emporium in Carlisle.  And
it's gonna be a blast!  We'll play
laser tag, ride some go carts and
maybe even play some mini golf.
Tickets cost $30.  The bus leaves
from the church at 5:00 and we
will return to the church around
10:00.  Be sure to invite a bunch
of your friends to come along with
us.  It's always a blast!!! 


Bowling Bonanza -

Nov. 3 (High School Only)...it's
a night of Duckpin Bowling and
Cold Stone Ice Cream.  The bus
will leave from the church at 5:00
and we will plan to be back to the
church around 10:00.  The cost 
for this event is only $20, but it
is for high schoolers only.  So
be sure to invite a bunch of your
friends and come hang out with
us for the evening.  It is always a
blast.  Sign up on the bulletin
board in the gym or register
online from this website.  Got any
questins?  Email, call or text
Bobby C.