Our Purpose

The Mt. Pleasant Youth Ministry
Is committed to . . .

Making Teenage Disciples who Make a Difference
by helping them Live in the L.I.G.H.T. of God's Love

                                     L = Love God

                                     I = Invest in Others

                                    G = Grow in Christ

                                     H = Help Others

                                     T = Tell Others of the hope that we have in Jesus Christ

Our Desired End Result

Once your student has worked their way through the
Mt. Pleasant Youth Ministry,
we want them to have the following:

 A Growing Heart for Christ
We want your student to love the Lord with all their heart! 

A Growing Heart for Prayer and God’s Word
We want your student to make prayer and Bible reading a priority! 

A Growing Heart for Others
We want your student to be passionate about other people!

A Growing Heart for the Lost
We want your student to be a bold godly witness for their unsaved friends!

Foundational Principles

In order for effective ministry to take place, these six elements must be visible!

An atmosphere of love

  • If students are going to be ministered to, they must feel welcomed and loved.

A healthy group image

  • Feeling good about this ministry will lead to students inviting their unsaved friends to our activities.

Contacting Ministry

  •  Contacting students on their turf is a great way to show them that we care!

Proper concept of Christ

  • If we want students to follow Christ, it is important that they know exactly who He is.

The Word of God

  • Students must understand that the Bible is still relevant to their lives and is useful for receiving guidance and direction.

Prayer Base

  • It is vital that people pray for our ministry. Your prayers move the hand of God.