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Our Purpose

The Mt. Pleasant Youth Ministry
is committed to . . .

Making Teenage Disciples who Make a Difference

Our Desired End Result
Once your student has worked their way through the Mt. Pleasant Youth Ministry, we want them to have the following: 
A Growing Heart for Christ
We want your student to love the Lord with all their heart! 
A Growing Heart for Prayer and God’s Word
We want your student to make prayer and Bible reading a priority! 
A Growing Heart for Others
We want your student to be passionate about other people!
A Growing Heart for the Lost
We want your student to be a bold godly witness for their unsaved friends!


Foundational Principles
In order for effective ministry to take place, these six elements must be visible!
An atmosphere of love
  • If students are going to be ministered to, they must feel welcomed and loved.
A healthy group image
  • Feeling good about this ministry will lead to students inviting their unsaved friends to our activities.
Contacting Ministry
  •  Contacting students on their turf is a great way to show them that we care!
Proper concept of Christ
  • If we want students to follow Christ, it is important that they know exactly who He is.
The Word of God
  • Students must understand that the Bible is still relevant to their lives and is useful for receiving guidance and direction.
Prayer Base
  • It is vital that people pray for our ministry. Your prayers move the hand of God.
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These are the things that we are constantly pursuing as a church

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